Since 1976

The Trollbeads family business was founded in Denmark in 1976 by Lise Aagaard after her brother, silversmith Søren Nielsen, created the six-faced silver bead. In her own jewellery store in Copenhagen, Lise began putting Søren’s beads on silver bracelets – one on each. One day a customer asked her to put an extra bead on a bracelet. The world-famous bead-on-bracelet concept and the Trollbeads company were born.

Behind Trollbeads’ passion for the bead-on-bracelet concept lies a vision to help people collect memories and express their stories and essence. The vast choice of beads provides jewellery lovers the world over with a unique experience to physically capture their memories in meaningful objects – and express their personal styles.

Trollbeads is born out of the renowned Danish design legacy of simplicity, functionality and quality. Trollbeads jewellery is crafted from the highest quality raw materials – including 18k gold, Sterling silver, Italian glass from Murano, freshwater pearls, amber, and precious stones – using both traditional and modern techniques. Each glass bead is handmade from red-hot glass in an open flame. Like the women or men who wear them, no two Trollbeads are ever alike.


Why not take a look through our wonderful collection of beads and jewellery since we began in 1976. Just click on the decade below and start your journey through our museum. Some of these amazing and unique pieces are still available now, so get exploring and find your perfect match. Every story has a bead.

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