Cubic Zirconia has the luxorious look, feel and finish of diamond, minus the at times eye-watering fee at the checkout.

Cubic zirconia is a beautiful manmade gemstone. In the 1970s the demand for diamonds increased, which made the jewellery industry look for an alternative. Cubic zirconia was originally developed for the laser industry, and it was not until the early 80’s that people started noticing the potential of the cubic zirconia, as it looked very similar to diamonds. Today cubic zirconia is used in jewellery all over the world, giving the luxurious feel of a diamond without having to pay the high price.


Cubic Zirconia is the most perfect simulated diamond and is a mix of zirconium oxide powders, magnesium, and calcium. Cubic zirconia is slightly heavier than a diamond but not quite as hard on the hardness scale for gemstones. The cubic zirconia can be cut in the same shapes as a diamond, however, when looking at a cubic zirconia, you can see more flashes of colour reflecting from the stone, than you can see when looking at a diamond.


Our glass beads with zirconia are handcrafted and carefully detailed and designed. Once the red-hot glass has been heated over the flame, a small layer of glass is formed on the mandrel and then the zirconia is carefully placed on the hot glass. Once all the zirconia is placed on the bead, a layer of clear glass is rolled on top, encapsulating the beautiful stones in it. By using clear glass on top, you can still see the zirconia and you still benefit from the beautiful and encapsulating way the rays of sun play and reflects in the zirconia, giving the bead a beautiful shine and unique life whichever way you turn it.

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