Never Lost Clasp
Limited EditionRetired
Vitality Clasp
Limited Edition
Acorn Dreams Clasp
Cattitude in Motion Clasp
Turtle Clasp
Daisy Clasp
Clasp of New Beginnings
Clasp of the Heart
Snowblanket Clasp
Stay Together Clasp
Clasp of Awareness
Merriness Clasp
Five Sense Clasp
Clasp of Focus
Dolphins Fun Clasp
Last Chance
My Love Clasp
Cats in love Clasp
Butterfly Garden Clasp
Hidden Beauty Clasp
Spiritual Butterfly Clasp
Determination Clasp
Clasp of Perserverance
Clasp of Courage
Nature's Energy Clasp
Seaweed Clasp
Crisp Flower Lock - Lock
Last Chance
White & Green Lock - Lock
Lucky Stars Lock - Lock
Last Chance
Buzzing Lock - Lock
Last Chance
Mandala Lock - Lock
Last Chance
Lizard Lock - Lock
Last Chance
Conch Lock - Lock
Last Chance
Rose Lock - Lock
Flow Lock - Lock
Ladybugs Lock - Lock
Last ChanceRetired
Clouds Lock - Lock
Lock of Leaves - Lock
Last Chance
Savoy Knot Lock - Lock
Lush Meadow Lock - Lock
Last ChanceRetired
Foxtail Lock - Lock
Dancing Butterfly Lock - Lock
Last Chance
Crab Lock - Lock
Last ChanceRetired
Peacock Lock - Lock
Last Chance
Best of Both Lock - Lock
Trunk of Treasures Lock - Lock
Last Chance
Balance Lily Lock - Lock
Last ChanceRetired
Water Lily Lock - Lock
Carolina Jessamine Lock - Lock
Fish Lock - Lock
Heaven Crane Lock - Lock
Turn Around Lock - Lock
Go Christmas Crazy Lock - Lock
Lock of Wisdom - Lock
Soft Wind of Change - Lock
Plain Lock - Lock
Elephant Lock Gold - Lock
Last Chance
Mexico Lock Gold - Lock
Lace Lock Gold - Lock
Basic Lock Gold - Lock
Troll Tree Lock - Lock
Last ChanceRetired
Elephant Lock - Lock
Last Chance
Mexico Lock - Lock
Lace Lock - Lock