Twisted Copper Bangle - Bangle
Last Chance
Deep Love Copper Bangle - BOM Bangle
Beautiful Embrace Bangle - BOM Bangle
Copper Bangle with 2 x Copper Spacers - BOM Bangle
Copper Spacer - Bead/Link
Copper Bead - Bead/Link
Warm Wishes Bead
Limited Edition
Copper Bangle - Bangle
Sense - Bead/Link
Everlasting Copper Bangle - BOM Bangle
Universal - Bead/Link
Flow of Love Bangle - BOM Bangle
Sand Grains Bead
Limited Edition
Shimmer Bubble Joy - Bead/Link
Last Chance
Love Royal - Bead/Link
Limited Edition
Golden Branches - Bead/Link
Limited Edition
Winter Clouds Bead
Limited Edition
Sense of Shimmer - Bead/Link
Limited Edition
Rays of Sunset Bead
Faceted Goldstone - Bead/Link
Innocence - Bead/Link
Last Chance
Holistic - Bead/Link
Rays of Sun - Bead/Link
Last Chance
Season of Joy Bead
Limited Edition
Wildflowers Bead
Happy 2023 Bead
Limited Edition
Shimmer Petals - Bead/Link
Dream Blaze - Bead/Link
Last Chance

Dream Blaze

$75 $37.50
Kindness - Bead/Link
Last Chance
Golden Fountain
Limited Edition
Golden Desire
Symphonies Kit
Flow of Love Bead - Bead/Link
Limited Edition
Autumn Wind
New Wisdom Kit - Bead/Link