Heartfelt Bloom Bead
Sunshine Bead
Petals of Gratitude Bead
Green Fingers Tassel
Sweet Dreams Bead
Love Source Bead
Tulip of Optimism Bead
Luminous Connector Bead
Soul Connector Bead
Moments Connector Bead
Pearls of Patience Bead
Pearl of Dedication Tassel
& Symbol Tassel
Letter Z Tassel
Letter Y Tassel
Letter X Tassel
Letter W Tassel
Letter V Tassel
Letter U Tassel
Letter T Tassel
Letter S Tassel
Letter R Tassel
Letter Q Tassel
Letter P Tassel
Letter O Tassel
Letter N Tassel
Letter M Tassel
Letter L Tassel
Letter K Tassel
Letter J Tassel
Letter I Tassel
Letter H Tassel
Letter G Tassel
Letter F Tassel
Letter E Tassel
Letter D Tassel
Letter C Tassel
Letter B Tassel
Letter A Tassel
Christmas Elf Bead
Limited Edition
Harmony Bells Bead
Limited Edition
Harmony Bells Spacer
Limited Edition
When Stars Align Bead
Limited Edition
Meeting of Hearts Bead
Limited Edition
Infinite Love Spacer
Limited Edition
Star of Fortune Spacer
Limited Edition
Love, Kindness and Sharing Bead
Limited Edition
Christmas Surprises Bead
Limited Edition
Atom of Unity Bead
Boundless Protection Bead
Boundless Joy Bead
Pumpkin of Courage Bead
Purrfectly Relaxed Spacer
Acorn Dreams Bead
Little Lionheart Bead
Precious Paws Bead
Fearless Bead
Boundless Compassion Tassel
Boundless Love Tassel
Boundless Loyalty Tassel
Boundless Enthusiasm Tassel
Force of Life Bead
In Memory Bead
Long Life Bead
Leopard Mom Bead
Limited Edition
My Sweet Bear Bead
Trinity of the Heart Bead
Cradle of Heart Bead
Enchanting Dragonfly Bead
Bird's Nest Bead
Power Flower Bead
Jester's Hat Bead
Daisy Chance Bead
Our Melody Bead
Daisy Spacer
Theatre of Life Bead
Lovesong Bead
Music Note Bead
Fresh Beginnings Bead
Snow Kisses Bead
Snowflakes Bead
Together Bead

Together Bead

$75 $45
Snow Spacer
Snowball Bead
Scary Cat
Limited Edition

Scary Cat

$89 $53.40
Cradle of Friendship
Pearls of Light
Willful Owl
Wizard of Labradorite Bead
Merriness Spacer
Five Senses


Promised Land
Seaweed Spacer
Dolphins Kiss Spacer