People’s Bead Winner 2009

Winning bead: Pax

From over 8,000 entries to 10 finalists and finally one winner - the votes have been tallied and we are pleased to announce the winner of People's Bead 2009. This sweet design represents Peace - a simple idea that has obviously resonated with many people around the world.

What inspires you?


"My interpretation of a People's Bead was to come up with a subject that connects, involves and resonates with every person on earth in some way. I wanted to transcend genders and generations so that both men and women of all ages would be proud to wear it. Peace is something I hold close to my heart as my mum and dad met in a prisoner of war camp in Germany, during World War II, and I am very well aware of the suffering they went through. Not in a million years did I expect to win the competition!"