Peach Blossom


Give peach flowers as a sign of immense, everlasting, and immortal love

"When I created Peach Blossom, I was inspired by those tiny, pink flowers popping up on the bare trees. The natural cycle of life that surrounds us. Especially in spring upon a period, where everything seems to be lost.“

Patrizia Tinelli

Winner of People’s Bead 2022.

Patrizia Tinelli from Italy is the winner. Patrizia was born in Ravenna in 1974 and grew up in Sanremo, where she still lives with her large family.

Patrizia has given the introduction to her design below.

"I belong to the generation, who had fun with games in the open air. Simple and healthy activities that made you feel rich by just by owning a bag of glass marbles. My passion for Trollbeads originates from those days. The small, coloured and perfectly decorated glass beads remind me of the marbles from my childhood. The beads take me to a magical world, which I feel close to mythical creatures like trolls and fairies, flowers and animals".