Luminous Treasures

Luminous Treasures, as a proud partner of Trollbeads, embraces a soft yet captivating brand presence. Our identity intertwines with the enchanting world of Trollbeads, where each bead tells a story, echoing a commitment to authenticity and creativity. This partnership enriches our essence, allowing us to offer a unique experience steeped in the artistry and soul of Trollbeads. Our approach, gentle and genuine, forges deep connections with our customers, fostering trust and recognition. It’s in this harmonious blend of Luminous Treasures' values and Trollbeads' magic that we find our growth, not by overshadowing others, but by shining together in a symphony of stories and craftsmanship.


278 Unley Road

Hyde Park SA 5061

Phone: 0416 505 958

Phone: 0406 622 988