You are the captain of your destiny…

Grounded by your dreams and guided by your choices. 

It’s high time to meet the most captivating new collection: Essence of Life!

Dive into the depths of creativity, escape the ordinary and journey into a world of endless fun and relaxation with sterling silver and artisan glass treasures designed by Milos Tutus, Tenzin Phuntsok and Kalden Chophel.

Silver beads capture the ocean's mystery and beauty, guiding you on an adventurous journey beneath the sea's surface. 

From the intricately carved lines of anchor motifs to the graceful tentacles of octopuses and the elegant shapes of starfish – every element is created with impressive precision and dedication.

The artisan glass beads radiate both tranquillity and vitality. Each is handcrafted with a profound passion, capturing the mesmerising beauty of the oceanic world.

From intricate depictions of graceful fish swimming amidst shimmering coral reefs to the soothing imagery of the beachside and the serene reflection of a peaceful lagoon, every bead tells a story of the captivating allure of aquatic life.

Every Trollbeads treasure is a small piece of art with a precious story. 

 Embrace the magic, unwind, and let your imagination set sail with Essence of Life.