The influence of colour in jewellery over the years

It’s no secret that the range of Trollbeads treasures utilises all the incredible hues we can get our hands on. There’s so much beauty and wonder in the world that is represented in our styles. We strive to make life as colourful and stylish as possible! The influence of colour in jewellery over the years is largely a result of both trends and gem discoveries throughout history. 

While jewellery in the present moment is undergoing a joyful and vibrant trend, this is not always the case. For example, jewellery trends in the Art Deco age of the 1920s were mostly monochromatic, preferring to punctuate an understated colour palette of clear diamonds, neutral pearls and black onyx with only a single statement gem, like a large deep blue sapphire or glimmering green emerald. 

In historical times, the discovery of new and exciting gemstones has frequently had an influence on the role of colour in jewellery. Aquamarines made a gorgeous light blue very popular at the turn of the century after they were discovered in Brazil, and a purpley-pink gemstone called ‘kunzite’ was all the rage around the same time after being introduced to the public by famous jewellery brand Tiffany. 

It’s fascinating to trace the influence of colour in jewellery and understand how trends and new gemstone discoveries have changed the face of the industry over time. You never know what incredible history lies within the rainbow of your own Trollbeads collection!