How to clean Trollbeads Jewellery

All Trollbeads jewellery is carefully created and assembled to the highest quality possible, but like any prized treasure it can still require care in order to keep it looking and performing at its best. We’ve assembled a comprehensive guide for how to clean all different styles of Trollbeads jewellery below. Simply click through to find advice on each treasure.


After making a purchase of one of our sterling silver treasures, you may be wondering the best way to maintain its radiant lustre for the years to come. Silver is such a nifty and adaptable metal, with a beautiful subtle shine that suits a huge range of styles. Because of its delicate nature, silver can be susceptible to tarnishing, staining or small scratches on its surface. Read on to find out how to clean silver jewellery safely and effectively.


If your prized gold Trollbeads treasures have gotten a little dull, you’re only a quick clean away from gold that sparkles and shines like new! Gold is a wonderful, eye-catching material, but as one of the softer metals used in jewellery making it needs to be treated with care. With these simple methods and some household products, you can restore your gold jewellery to its full lustre.


Trollbeads glass jewellery styles are handmade from exquisite Italian Murano glass. This vibrant and gorgeous material is surprisingly durable and easy to clean. Read on to find out how to clean glass beads.


Many Trollbeads styles include sparkling precious or semi-precious gemstones. These can become dulled over time due to build up of natural oils and dirt from repeated wear. It’s important to know what stones you have in your collection to know how to clean them safely and effectively.


Pearls have been used as a stunning natural gem in jewellery for generations. Their soft, lustrous glow is one-of-a-kind, but due to their fragile and porous nature it is important to care for them correctly. Knowing the right cleaners and methods to use is integral to keeping your pearl jewellery in tip top shape. If you take care of your Trollbeads pearls correctly, they will last for years to come!


Amber is a rare and treasured gemstone, made of fossiziled pine tree resin from millions of years ago. Despite its ancient age, amber can be soft and prone to damage if cleaned incorrectly. Our methods below will help you to remove dirt and restore your amber to its full, dazzling potential!


Copper is a beautiful salmon-hued metal with a signature gleam. Because of sulfides in the air, it can tarnish over time – if left for many years, to the iconic green hue of landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty! Fortunately, copper can be cleaned easily with products you have around the house.


If you’re lucky enough to own one of our stunning diamond treasures, you might need some tips on how to keep it sparkling for all time. Diamonds are one of the oldest and hardest gemstones in the world, but they still need a little help to keep looking their best.