How to clean diamonds

If you’re lucky enough to own one of our stunning diamond treasures, you might need some tips on how to keep it sparkling for all time. Diamonds are one of the oldest and hardest gemstones in the world, but they still need a little help to keep looking their best. 

Read on to find out how to clean diamonds safely and effectively! 

To keep your diamonds looking their best, you can clean them once or even twice a week. The easiest method for keeping your diamonds clean and shiny is to give them a soak in a solution to remove any natural oils and grease that may have built up. A mild and gentle dish soap combined with warm water or an ammonia-based cleaner will do the trick. 

You can use a very soft-bristled and clean toothbrush to gently scrub off any stubborn grime. Make sure to clean around the back of your diamond as this is often where the dirt is attracted. 

Once you have thoroughly rinsed your diamonds under clean running water, make sure to dry with a soft microfibre or other lint-free cloth. Store your diamonds away from other jewellery to make sure their incredibly hard surface doesn’t damage your other treasures. 

You can use store-bought and commercial jewellery cleaners as an alternative cleaner for your diamond treasures, but make sure they are non-abrasive. Chlorine bleach and abrasive household cleaners include chemicals that can erode your precious jewellery. 

Always keep in mind that home cleaning methods have the potential to damage precious gemstones or extremely delicate jewellery. If in doubt, it’s certainly best to take your precious collection to a professional to make sure there aren’t any unexpected outcomes. 

Follow the above steps and your diamonds will be twinkling again in no time!