Trollbeads Day 2017 - Bead/Link
Trollbeads Day 2015 - Bead/Link
Limited Edition
Wings of Amber with Two - Bead/Link
Trollbeads Day 2014 - Bead/Link
Limited Edition
Plum Tree - Bead/Link
Blueberry Flower - Bead/Link
Limited EditionRetired
Mint Mesh - Bead/Link
Limited EditionRetired
Honey Bee - Bead/Link
Raspberry Bush - Bead/Link
Lime Leaves - Bead/Link
Limited EditionRetired
Trollbeads Day 2020 Kit - Bead/Link
Brush of Blue Kit - Bead/Link
Raspberry Bush Bangle
Honey Bee Bangle
Lime Leaves Leather Bracelet
Blueberry Flower Bangle
Mint Mesh Bracelet
Plum Tree Bracelet
Trollbeads Day 2017 Kit - Bead/Link