Butterfly Bliss Bead
Willful Owl
Scary Cat
Limited Edition

Scary Cat

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Flower Thought
Jumbo Round Red Tiger Eye Bead
Jumbo Round Cat's Eye Bead
Jumbo Round Yellow Tiger Eye Bead
Merriness Spacer
Jumbo Round Black Cat's Eye Bead
Autumn Wind
Beauty in Blue
Sunrise Bead
Flower Pride Bead
Clasp of Focus
Cradle of Friendship
Meadows Bead
Merriness Clasp
Wildflowers Bead
Wizard of Labradorite Bead
Source of Life


Harmony in Flight
Promised Land
Pearls of Light
Clasp of Awareness
Fall Flower Pendant
Five Senses
Rays of Sunset Bead
Flowers from the Heart
Merriness Hoops
Five Senses Clasp
Foliage Pendant
Meadow Life Kit
Flower Life Kit