Quiet Landscape - Bead/Link
Flowers of Passion - Bead/Link
Denim Prism - Bead/Link
Trust - Bead/Link


Raspberry Bush - Bead/Link
Baby Boy - Bead/Link
Festival - Bead/Link
Light Blue Gold - Bead/Link
Breeze of Rose - Bead/Link
Glass Trolls - Bead/Link
Star of Protection - Bead/Link
Star of Love - Bead/Link
Lime Leaves - Bead/Link
Mindful - Bead/Link


Flower of Dawn - Bead/Link
Rainbow Facet Bead
Aisle of Luck - Bead/Link
Alabaster - Bead/Link
Engraved Azure - Bead/Link
Temptation - Bead/Link
Roots of Spirit - Bead/Link
Leather Bracelet Light Blue/Green - Bracelet
Universal Diamond Bead Blue - Bead/Link
Breeze of White - Bead/Link
Moonlight Bubbles - Bead/Link
Fountain of Life - Bead/Link
Wisdom - Bead/Link


Silver Lining - Bead/Link
Breeze of Green - Bead/Link
Breeze of Blue - Bead/Link
Honest Love - Bead/Link
Breeze of Sand - Bead/Link
Birds of Joy - Bead/Link
Star of Power - Bead/Link
Breeze of Turquoise - Bead/Link
Engraved Poetic - Bead/Link
Drops of Green - Bead/Link
Saffron Facet - Bead/Link
Dream Stripe - Bead/Link
Joy - Bead/Link


Seeds of Hope - Bead/Link
Love & Laughter - Bead/Link
Big Iris - Earring

Big Iris

Malachite Earring - Earring
Masala Facet - Bead/Link
Birds of Freedom - Bead/Link
Happy New Year! - Bead/Link
Trollbeads Day 2020 Kit - Bead/Link
Promise - Bead/Link


Golden Foliage - Bead/Link
Spirit & Hope Kit - Bead/Link
Blue Soul Kit - Bead/Link
Enchanted Classics Kit - Bead/Link
Romance - Bead/Link


Blueberry Flower Bangle
Lime Leaves Leather Bracelet
Day & Night Leather Bracelet
Love Story Kit
Bubble Joy Kit
Daydream Kit
Mint Mesh Bracelet
Plum Tree Bracelet
Honey Bee Bangle
Raspberry Bush Bangle
Green Summer Breeze Bracelet
February Bracelet
Pink and Orange Armadillo Bracelet
Green and Purple Armadillo Bracelet
Sunset Bracelet
Dolphins Playing Bangle
Red and Lavender Armadillo Bracelet
Amethyst Gift Set
Rose Quartz Gift Set
Peacock Pearl Round Drops with Silver Hooks
Peacock Pearl Oval Drops with Sterling Silver and Gold Hooks
Hopeful Dreams Silver Bracelet
Bracelet of the Month October - BOM Bracelet
Earrings of Forgiveness - BOM Earring