Copper Spacer - Bead/Link
White Pearl - Bead/Link
Sterling Silver Necklace - Necklace
Rosa Pearl - Bead/Link
Gold Spacer - Bead/Link
Copper Bangle - Bangle
Rose of June
Round White Moonstone - Bead/Link
Third Eye - Bead/Link
Round Lapis Lazuli - Bead/Link
Twisted Copper Bangle - Bangle
Last Chance
Round Amethyst - Bead/Link
Green Aventurine - Bead/Link
Prehnite with Tourmalinated Quartz Bead
Soft Wind of Change - Lock
Daisy Jubilee Bead
Limited Edition
Rose Quartz - Bead/Link
Feldspar Moonstone - Bead/Link
Heart Bangle - Bangle
Sapphire - Bead/Link


Happy Birthday 2021 - Bead/Link
Troll Anemone Pendant - Pendant
Happy Birthday 2022
Round Aventurine - Bead/Link
Chrysanthemum of November - Bead/Link
Grey Moonstone - Bead/Link
Copper Bead - Bead/Link
Savoy Knot Ring - Ring
Happy Birthday 2020 - Bead/Link
Round Red Onyx - Bead/Link
Flowers of Poise - Bead/Link
Violet of February - Bead/Link
Fantasy Necklace With Rosa Pearl - Fantasy
Happy Birthday 2023
Wishful Sky Tassel
Round Labradorite - Bead/Link
Throat Chakra - Bead/Link
Last Chance
Round Black Onyx - Bead/Link
Serene Beauty Bead
Queen of Duty Bead
Limited Edition
Emerald - Bead/Link


Round Malachite - Bead/Link
Baroque Spacer
Daffodil of March - Bead/Link
Spiritual Butterfly Clasp
Ruby Zoisite Bead
Water lilies of July - Bead/Link
Poppies of August - Bead/Link
Clasp of Perserverance
Bindweed of September - Bead/Link
Gold Plated Bangle - Bangle
Milky Way - Bead/Link
Snowdrop of January - Bead/Link
Sunbeam Spacer - Bead/Link
Lucky Knot - Bead/Link
Daisy - Bead/Link


Fern Bead
Last Chance
Blue Sodalite Bead
Perfect Balance - Bead/Link
Cradle of Courage
Narcissus of December - Bead/Link
White Roses - Bead/Link
Butterfly Spacer
Beauty of Change Bracelet
Baroque Bead
Smiles - Bead/Link


Buckthorn of May - Bead/Link
Happy Flowers Bead
Limited Edition
Forest Reflections

Forest Reflections

$89 $53.40
Root Chakra - Bead/Link
Last Chance
Daisy of April - Bead/Link
Twisted Gold Plated Bangle - Bangle
Resilience Flower Bead
Last Chance
Verbena Bead

Verbena Bead

$105 $78.75
Woodland Bracelet
Limited Edition
Red Chalcedony with Hematite Bead
Limited Edition
Shade of Sparkle Rose
Limited Edition
Joy Peace & Love - Bead/Link
Silver Armadillo Bead
Fantasy Necklace With White Pearl - Fantasy
Path of Peace
Crushing Waves Bead
Cherub of Love Bead

Cherub of Love Bead

$115 $86.25
Blue Flower - Ring
Last Chance
Ocean Life Bead
Azure Ripples Bead
Calendula of October - Bead/Link
Smile of Stars - Bead/Link
The Diamond Bead Pink - Bead/Link
Wild Cherry Lock - Lock
Last Chance
Treasure Cave Bead
Sea Anemone - Bead/Link
Sea View Bead
Hidden Beauty Clasp
Earring Hooks Silver/Gold - Earring
Clover Bead