Strawberry Quartz - Bead/Link
Rosa Pearl - Bead/Link
Copper Bangle - Bangle
Round White Moonstone - Bead/Link
Round Amethyst - Bead/Link
Rose Quartz - Bead/Link
Ruby - Bead/Link


Round Red Onyx - Bead/Link
Rose Spacer - Bead/Link
Chakra Colours - Bead/Link
Round Strawberry Quartz Facet Bead
Joyful Flower - Bead/Link
Trinity of the Heart Bead
Earring Hooks Silver/Gold - Earring
Round Rose Quartz Facet Bead
Love Conch - Bead/Link
Cradle of Heart Bead
Wishing Star - Bead/Link
Amethyst - Earring
Lace Lock Gold - Lock
Framed by Flower Bead
World of Wonders Bead
Hearts Galore Gold - Bead/Link
In your Heart - Pendant
Power Flower Bead
Daisy Chance Bead
Lucky Love - Bead/Link
Lovesome Spacer Gold - Bead/Link
Passion Wonder Studs - Earring
White Pearl Round Drops - Earring
Plain Lock Gold - Lock
Two Hearts Spacer - Bead/Link