How to clean glass beads

Trollbeads glass jewellery styles are handmade from exquisite Italian Murano glass. This vibrant and gorgeous material is surprisingly durable and easy to clean. Read on to find out how to clean glass beads.

  • Fill a plastic bowl with two cups of water. Make sure there’s enough water to cover the jewellery completely. You can use less or more depending on the number of treasures you’re cleaning.
  • Take note that a glass bowl may damage your glass beads, so make sure to use a plastic bowl while cleaning.
  • Add a small amount of household dish soap to the water, and stir to combine. Make sure the soap has dispersed evenly through the water before proceeding.
  • Add your Trollbeads to the solution and let them soak for around five minutes. The dirtier the beads, the longer they will need to soak to loosen any debris.
  • Take a soft-bristled toothbrush suitable for cleaning, and use it to scrub any remaining dirt on the surface of your jewellery. Be gentle with your beads!
  • If your beads are still looking a little dull, you can add a small amount of white vinegar to the solution to help the cleaning process. Vinegar is a gentle but effective cleanser – you can use more if the beads are very dirty indeed.
  • Once your beads are looking clean, rinse under cool, clean water and dry completely with a soft cloth before storing them away or popping them right back on!

 Should your treasures be looking lacklustre, follow these simple steps to keep your glass jewellery looking its very best for all occasions!