Emerald Moments Bead
Golden Memories Bead
Ruby Friendships Bead
Violet Conviction Bead
Magic Blue
Magic Moon
Shimmering Iris Bead
Deep Purple Night Bead
Sophistication - Bead/Link
Mookaites Red or White
Football Passion Bead
Football Passion, Gold Bead
Love Song Kit
Pink Agate Bead
Essence of Life Kit
Harmony Fish Bead
Orange Energy Fish Bead
Memory Beach Bead
Tranquil Lagoon Bead
Turquoise Tranquillity Fish Bead
Mermaid Memory Bead
Starfish Moments Spacer
Confident Navigator Bead
Guardian of Uniqueness Bead
Tiny Ripples Spacer
Guardian of Memories Pendant
Heart of Australia
Lavender Love Bead
Heartfelt Bloom Bead
Black Collectors Case
December Narcissus Bangle
November Chrysanthemum Bangle
October Calendula Bangle
Bindweed of September Bangle
Poppy of August Bangle
Rose of June Bangle
Water Lily of July Bangle
April Daisy Bangle
Buckthorn of May Bangle
February Violet Bangle
March Daffodil Bangle
January Snowdrop Bangle
Care and Attention Garden Kit
Harmony Garden Kit
Bindweed of September Bracelet




Single Water Lily Spacer (2 pcs)
Green Faith of Lovers Bracelet
Extravagance Blossom Bangle


Grateful Turkey Spacer (2 pc)
Night Sky Spacer (2 pcs)
Nut Spacer (2pc)
Mysterious Waves Necklace - BOM Necklace


June Trick
Light Green Stripe Bracelet
Hair Beads
Golden Black Bracelet
Exclusive Silver Foxtail Gift Set
Exclusive Silver Bangle Gift Set
Foxtail Spacer (2 pcs)
Rose Spacer (2 pcs)
Turtle Flower Bangle
Sense of Shimmer Bracelet
Savoy Knot Spacer (2 pcs)
Peacock Pearl Gift Set
Amethyst Gift Set
Love Royal Ring
Sunset Bracelet
Summer Breeze Fantasy Necklace
Pause & Harmony Bracelet
Dot'n'Dot Spacer (2 pcs)
Sunbeam Spacer (2 pcs)
Beehive Spacer (2 pcs)
Trollbeads Umbrella
Connected Love Spacer (2 pcs)
Gentle and Devoted Bracelet
Leather Necklace, Brown, with Plain Clasp
Swirling Feldspar Quartz Ring
Healing Heart Ring
Honest Love Ring

Honest Love Ring

From $149
Creative Soul Necklace
Peaceful Soul Necklace
Lush Meadow Necklace
Sun, Moon & Stars Necklace
Mysterious Waves Necklace
Troll Anemone Necklace
February Trick
Gentle Lavender Gold Bangle
Golden Moments Bangle
Deep Love Copper Bangle
Gold Bangle with Angel Wing Alunite
Night Sky Glitter Bangle
Harvest Unity Bangle