At Trollbeads we love to reward our loyal customers. It’s our way of saying thank you for shopping with us! Plus, as a member of the Trollbeads VIP Club you receive the EXCLUSIVE VIP Club bead – this year’s bead is the stunning Lake Hillier bead.

On an island of diving seabirds and playful little penguins, off the coast of wild West Australia, you will find a magical place. Surrounded by lush eucalypts and melaleuca, you will find a pristine lake unlike any other, glowing a brilliant shade of pink!

The mesmerising Lake Hillier bead reflects the unique waters of that saltwater island lake, a truly intriguing and surprising place. The unusual bubble gum colour has long been a mystery but could be caused by thousands of tiny and flamingo-pink lifeforms (like algae).

With hints of glistening gold and white beach sand and the essential pop of pink, this high quality Italian Murano glass bead captures an echo of the lake, like a memory of a dream.

Lake Hillier is part of the lands of the Nyungar people. In the Dreamtime, the lake was turned pink by a great snake. It is a unique place, one woven into story and song.

With your stunning Lake Hillier bead you will also receive a certificate of authenticity and VIP Club membership that has your unique membership and bead number which you can register online at

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Weight: 1 g

SKU: TGLBE-20345

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