Double Fantasy Necklace


Double fantasy for you neck!

1. Use two Fantasy Necklaces - they don't have to be the same length.
2. Use the Double Bow to tie the chains together and use spacers to determine where you want the Double Bow.
3. Style each chain with the beads and spacers of your choice.
4. Use a lock at the end of each necklace to fasten them behind your neck

For this necklace we have used the following:
Fantasy Necklace With White Pearl,  Fantasy Necklace with Peacock Pearl , two Silver Spacers, Double Bow, two Sunbeam Spacers, Sapphire Cheetah, Lapis Lazuli, Engraved Poetic, Drops of White, Milky Quartz, White Tulips and the Heaven Crane Lock.

Main Material: Silver

Designer: trollbeads design group

Weight: 0 g

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