Armadillo Paradise Kit


The armadillo is a charming, slightly clumsy nocturnal animal that curls up into a ball when frightened.  The new, limited edition collection from Trollbeads brings beautiful glass art with lots of symbolism.

Beads: Pale Rose Armadillo Bead, Light Pastel Armadillo Bead, Blue Sky Armadillo Bead, Serenity Shades Armadillo Bead, Ivory Flower Armadillo Bead, Sunshine Flower Armadillo Bead

Please note: Each glass bead is handmade over a red-hot open flame and no two glass beads are ever completely alike. This goes for size, coloration and pattern. Your bead may have slight variations from the bead pictured.

Main Material: Glass

Designer: trollbeads design group

Weight: 14 g

Ships in 1 to 2 days

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