Copper Spacer - Bead/Link
Labradorite - Bead/Link
White Pearl - Bead/Link
Black Onyx - Bead/Link
Soft Wind of Change - Lock
Prehnite with Tourmalinated Quartz Bead
Feldspar Moonstone - Bead/Link
Amazonite - Bead/Link


Sapphire - Bead/Link


Fantasy Necklace With Black Onyx - Fantasy
Hessonite Garnet - Bead/Link
Copper Bead - Bead/Link
Lapis Lazuli - Bead/Link
Fantasy Necklace With Amethyst - Fantasy
Ruby - Bead/Link


Dragon Lock - Lock
Heaven Crane Lock - Lock
Wave of Dreams - Bead/Link
Trollbeads Day 2015 - Bead/Link
Throat Chakra - Bead/Link
Emerald - Bead/Link


Round Green Onyx Facet Bead
Ruby Falcon - Bead/Link

Ruby Falcon

$199 $149.25
Spiritual Butterfly Clasp
Faceted Blue Goldstone - Bead/Link
Troll Agate Bead
Clasp of Perserverance
Red Hematite - Bead/Link
Milky Way - Bead/Link
Trick or Treat - Bead/Link

Trick or Treat

$89 $44.50
Lucky Knot - Bead/Link
Blizzard Tassel - Bead/Link
Soft Wind of Change Orb - Bead/Link
Vine of Dreams Bracelet - BOM Bracelet
Scary Cat
Lotus - Bead/Link


Round Green Chalcedony Facet Bead
Lock of Wisdom - Lock
Round Strawberry Quartz Facet Bead
Chakra Colours - Bead/Link
Blue Hematite - Bead/Link
Jumbo Round Red Tiger Eye Bead
Skeleton Spirit - Bead/Link
Woodland Bracelet
Jumbo Round Cat's Eye Bead
Red Chalcedony with Hematite Bead
Ruby Bead with Gold Core
Joy Peace & Love - Bead/Link
Triple Pearl Black - Bead/Link
Trinity of the Heart Bead
Round Feldspar Moonstone Facet Bead
Troll Anemone Earrings - Earring
Time to Fly Bracelet
Jumbo Round Yellow Tiger Eye Bead
Cherub of Love Bead
African Tortoise - Bead/Link
Round Rose Quartz Facet Bead
Thor’s Hammer - Bead/Link
Round Light Blue Agate Bead
Nomad - Bead/Link


Smile of Stars - Bead/Link
Moonbeam Facet - Bead/Link
Fantasy Necklace With Malachite - Fantasy
Flower Freedom Earrings - Earring
Cradle of Heart Bead
Round Green Calcite Facet Bead
Phoenix - Bead/Link


Jumbo Round Black Cat's Eye Bead
Freja Knot - Lock
Dice - Bead/Link


Freedom Feather Pendant - Pendant
Dot to Dot Spacer - Bead/Link
Live Love and Forgive - Bead/Link
Dove Feathers Bead
Dreams of Energy Necklace
Wishing Star - Bead/Link
Wings of Success Bead
Soft Wind of Change Pendant - Pendant
Wings of Serenity Bead
Blast of Blue Bead
Dichroic Ice - Bead/Link
Tokyo Mount Fuji - Bead/Link

Tokyo Mount Fuji

$89 $53.40
Power Chakra - Bead/Link
River of Life Facet - Bead/Link
Spirit Light - Bead/Link
Starry Night - Bead/Link
Cherub of All Living Bead
Dreams of Balance Necklace
Troll Agate Kit
Amethyst - Earring
Clasp of Focus
Smoky Quartz
Graceful Sky - Bead/Link
Heart Chakra - Bead/Link
Bead of Fortune - Bead/Link
Round Blue Agate Bead