Perception - Bead/Link
Flow of Love Bead - Bead/Link
Happy Flowers Bead
Sense of Shimmer - Bead/Link

Sense of Shimmer

$75 $37.50
Warm Wishes Bead
New Year Fireworks Bead
Willow Twigs - Bead/Link
Winter Clouds Bead
Attention - Bead/Link
Moonbeam Facet - Bead/Link
Holistic - Bead/Link
Universal - Bead/Link
Beauty in Blue

Beauty in Blue

$89 $44.50
Glimpse of Green - Bead/Link
Sun & Soil Bead

Sun & Soil Bead

$89 $44.50
Acorns - Bead/Link


Season of Joy Bead

Season of Joy Bead

$89 $44.50
Mamma Mia! - Bead/Link
Blast of Blue Bead
River of Life Facet - Bead/Link
Golden Desire
Still Life Bead
Flower Art Bead

Flower Art Bead

$89 $53.40
Wild Jungle - Bead/Link
Meadows Bead
Violet Conviction Bead
Ruby Friendships Bead
Wildflowers Bead

Wildflowers Bead

$89 $44.50
Source of Life
Voice of Wind - Bead/Link
Plum Tree - Bead/Link
Lonely Island - Bead/Link

Lonely Island

$89 $44.50
Honey Bee - Bead/Link
Violet Melody Bead
Sense - Bead/Link

Lines of Destiny

$89 $66.75
Polar Dreams - Bead/Link

Polar Dreams

$89 $44.50
Leopard Spots Bead
Winter Garden

Winter Garden

$89 $66.75
Raindrops - Bead/Link
Blueberry Flower - Bead/Link
Apologetic Flower

Apologetic Flower

$89 $44.50
Green in Bloom Bead
Green Desire
Fossilised Shell Bead
Cosmic Connection Bead
Flower Bed Bead

Flower Bed Bead

$89 $44.50
Open Sky - Bead/Link
Wind of Memories Bead
Lilac Melody Bead
Mint Mesh - Bead/Link
Raspberry Bush - Bead/Link
Forest Glam - Bead/Link
Rays of Sunset Bead
Flowers from the Heart
Lime Leaves - Bead/Link
Quiet Landscape - Bead/Link

Quiet Landscape

$89 $66.75
Painter's Palette Bead
Pink Melody Bead
Celestial Sunset Bead
Festival - Bead/Link
Emerald Symphony Bead
Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom

$89 $44.50
Fantasy Orchids Bead
Choice - Bead/Link


$89 $53.40
Pink Symphony Bead
Green Symphony Bead
Drops of Attention Bead
Drops of Kindness Bead
Sunshine Vitality Bead
Symphonies Kit
Harmony Facet - Bead/Link
Inner Strength Facet - Bead/Link
Current of Life Bead
Bubble Drift Bead
Garden of Affections Bead
Leopard Spots Kit
Hope Facet - Bead/Link
Luminous Delight Facet - Bead/Link
Basket of Serenity Bead
Basket of Hope Bead
Forest Life Kit - Bead/Link
Collective Sparkle Bead
Connections Kit
Happy New Year! - Bead/Link
Trollbeads Day 2020 Kit - Bead/Link
Golden Memories Bead
Emerald Moments Bead
Care and Attention Garden Kit
New Wisdom Kit
New Adventures Kit
Flower Life Kit
Flower Garden Kit
Eastern Facet Kit - Bead/Link