Amethyst Bead - Bead/Link
Blue Sodalite Bead
Clasp of Courage
Confident Navigator Bead
Dancing Butterfly - Bead/Link
Force of Life Bead
Grey Moonstone - Bead/Link
Guardian of Uniqueness Bead
In Memory Bead
Inner Glow - Bead/Link
Moments Connector Bead
New Wisdom - Bead/Link

New Wisdom

$199 $119.40
Orange Energy Fish Bead
Path of Life - Bead/Link
Path of Life Gold - Bead/Link
Prehnite Peacock - Bead/Link
Round Blue Agate Bead
Round Lapis Lazuli - Bead/Link
Round Light Blue Agate Bead
Soul Connector Bead
Stay Positive - Bead/Link
Strawberry Quartz - Bead/Link