Festive Pink Dot - Bead/Link
Marche Mie - Bead/Link
Tranquil Fantasy Lavender - Bead/Link
Multicoloured Agate Kit - Bead/Link
Paternity - Bead/Link
Festive Yellow Dot - Bead/Link
Unique Brown Bead of Stability - Bead/Link
Unique Yellow Bead of Happiness - Bead/Link
The Diamond Bead Peach - Bead/Link
Puglia Mia - Bead/Link
Festive Aqua Dot - Bead/Link
Toscana Mia - Bead/Link
Unique Green Bead of Harmony - Bead/Link
Unique Black Bead of Protection - Bead/Link
Campania Mia - Bead/Link
Precious Easter Kit - Bead/Link
Basilicata Mia - Bead/Link
Lombardia Mia - Bead/Link
Unique Green Bead of Balance - Bead/Link
Golden Night Kit - Bead/Link
Unique White Bead of Innocence - Bead/Link
Unique Orange Bead of Strength - Bead/Link
Unique Blue Bead of Tranquility - Bead/Link
Veneto Mio - Bead/Link
Festive White Dot - Bead/Link
Piemonte Mio - Bead/Link
Feather Kit - Bead/Link
Swirled Heart Spacer - Bead/Link
Unique Purple Bead of Inspiration - Bead/Link