Folklore Wisdom - Bead/Link


Dancing Butterfly - Bead/Link
Mermaid Reflections Bead
Flying Fish - Bead/Link
Fresh Beginnings Bead
Lucky Star - Bead/Link
Valentine's Hearts

Valentine's Hearts

$75 $37.50
I Love You - Bead/Link
Long Life Bead
Baroque Bead
Happy Flowers Bead
Buckthorn of May - Bead/Link
Night Sky Glitter - Bead/Link
Daisy of April - Bead/Link
Sincerity Knot - Bead/Link

Resilience Knot

$75 $37.50
Round Strawberry Quartz Facet Bead
Love & Care Bead
Happy 2023 Bead
Flower Thought
Turtle Flower - Bead/Link
Chakra Colours - Bead/Link
Twinkle Passion Bead
Wise Owl - Bead/Link
Magic Moon
Jumbo Round Red Tiger Eye Bead
Cosmos Facet
Sense of Shimmer - Bead/Link

Sense of Shimmer

$75 $37.50
Warm Wishes Bead
Jumbo Round Cat's Eye Bead
Twinkle Peace Bead

Twinkle Peace Bead

$105 $78.75
New Year Fireworks Bead
Joyful Flower - Bead/Link

Joyful Flower

$75 $37.50
Shade of Sparkle Rose
Snowball Bead

Snowball Bead

$105 $52.50
Ruby Bead with Gold Core
Twinkle Future Bead
Shade of Sparkle Lagoon
Willow Twigs - Bead/Link
Peach Blossom Bead
Get Spooky - Bead/Link
Joy Peace & Love - Bead/Link
Winter Clouds Bead
Trinity of the Heart Bead
Compassion Knot - Bead/Link

Compassion Knot

$75 $37.50
Silver Armadillo Bead
Teacup - Bead/Link


Three Siblings - Bead/Link
Connection - Bead/Link
Round Feldspar Moonstone Facet Bead
Loyalty Knot - Bead/Link
Path of Peace
Crushing Waves Bead
Jumbo Round Yellow Tiger Eye Bead
Blanket of Love Gold - Bead/Link
Enchanted Rose Garden Bead
Cherub of Love Bead
African Tortoise - Bead/Link
Ocean Life Bead

Ocean Life Bead

$75 $56.25
Azure Ripples Bead
Round Rose Quartz Facet Bead
Twinkle Hazel Bead
Thor’s Hammer - Bead/Link
Seaweed Spacer

Seaweed Spacer

$75 $37.50
Round Light Blue Agate Bead
Calendula of October - Bead/Link
Sea Anemone - Bead/Link
The Diamond Bead Emerald Green - Bead/Link
The Diamond Bead Pink - Bead/Link
Treasure Cave Bead
Sea View Bead
Merriness Spacer
Autumn Wind

Autumn Wind

$75 $37.50
In Memory Bead
Cradle of Heart Bead
Round Green Calcite Facet Bead
Home - Bead/Link


Cradle of Perseverance
Jumbo Round Black Cat's Eye Bead
Clover Bead
Christmas Wish - Bead/Link
Summer Stones - Bead/Link
Bird's Nest Bead


Beauty in Blue

Beauty in Blue

$89 $44.50
Dice - Bead/Link


The Diamond Bead Black - Bead/Link
Cheerful Cat Bead
Curious Clams
Lagoon Bubble Joy - Bead/Link


Sand Grains Bead
Steady Starfish
Love Conch - Bead/Link

Love Conch

$75 $37.50
Sunrise Bead

Sunrise Bead

$75 $37.50
Dove Feathers Bead
Blizzard - Bead/Link