Path of Life - Bead/Link
Clasp of Awareness
Stars - Bead/Link


Theatre of Life Bead
Creators Kit
Wisdom Gold - Bead/Link

Wisdom, Gold

Healing Heart - Bead/Link
Sun Circle small gold plated - Earring
Fall Flower Pendant
Rise Together - Bead/Link
Feldspar Azurite Rock - Bead/Link
Gold Silver Trace - Bead/Link
Party Time - Bead/Link
Ancient Palace - Bead/Link
Star of Hope - Bead/Link
Raspberry Bush - Bead/Link
Leaf Spacer - Bead/Link
Five Senses
Rays of Sunset Bead
Red Tiger Eye - Bead/Link
Crown of Fantasy - Ring
Green Wave - Bead/Link
Cat at Ease Fantasy Ring
Butterfly Garden Pendant
Merriness Hoops
Flowers from the Heart
Universal Pink Desert - Bead/Link
Diamond in the Rough - Bead/Link
Pink Melody Bead
Two Souls Spacer - Bead/Link
Celestial Sunset Bead
Leaves of Love Studs
Leaves of Harmony Studs
Dolphins Kiss Spacer
Strength Courage Wisdom - Ring
Night Owl - Pendant

Night Owl

Unfolding Ring - Ring
Power of Hope - Bead/Link
Foliage Pendant
Double Bow - Bead/Link
Orange Blossom
Blushing Bubble - Ring
Neverending Ring - Ring
Neck Bangle - Neck Bangle
Dichroic/Pearl - Earring
Fantasy Orchids Bead
Pink Symphony Bead
Temptation - Bead/Link
White Pearl Round Drops - Earring
Star of Wisdom - Bead/Link
Dolphins Fun Clasp
Symmetric Spacer, Gold
Star of Focus - Bead/Link
Wisdom - Bead/Link


Serenity Bead
& Symbol Tassel
Symphonies Kit
Star of Courage - Bead/Link
Harmony Facet - Bead/Link
Harmony Lily Bead
Layers of Curiosity & Energy Bead
Layers of Hope & Desire Bead
Compass - Bead/Link


Seabed - Bead/Link


Honest Love - Bead/Link
White Pearl Ring - Ring
Single Water Lily Spacer - Bead/Link
Grey Pearl Ring - Ring
Anemone Spacer - Bead/Link
Graduation - Bead/Link
Narcissus of Harmony
Love in Bloom Bead
Smiling Cylinder - Bead/Link
Owl - Bead/Link


Citrine Facet Tassel - Bead/Link
Leaves of Protection Studs
Rosa Pearl Ring - Ring
Two Hearts Spacer - Bead/Link
Crown With Gold - Ring
Golden Poppies - Bead/Link
Royal Spacer Short - Bead/Link
Apple of Wisdom - Bead/Link
Strand of Lights Ring - Ring
Floral Spacer Short - Bead/Link
Leaves of Strength Studs
Blossom Shade Ring - Ring
Bow Ring - Ring

Bow Ring

Meditation Ring - Ring
New Horizons - Bead/Link
Love & Laughter - Bead/Link
Alice Band - Hair Piece
Delicate Pearl Ring - Ring
Neverending Earrings Big - Earring
White Stripe - Bead/Link
Guardian Angel - Pendant