Wings of Success Bead
Wings of Serenity Bead
Summer Dot - Bead/Link
Blast of Blue Bead
Framed by Buds Bead
Cicada Melody Bead
Flower Pride Bead
Twinkle Nature Bead
Twinkle Hope Bead
Sun & Soil Bead
Ivory Violets - Bead/Link
Power Chakra - Bead/Link
Golden Desire
Troll Agate Kit
Midnight Flower - Bead/Link
Мini Heart Gold - Bead/Link
The Diamond Bead White - Bead/Link
Still Life Bead
Bead of Fortune - Bead/Link
Caring Leaves Bead
Enchanting Dragonfly Bead
Framed by Flower Bead
Stay Positive - Bead/Link
Universal Diamond Bead Black - Bead/Link
Intuition Butterfly
Cradle of Friendship
Citrine Facet Ring - Ring
Wings of Energy Bead
Carp Koi Bead
Meadows Bead
Budding Pearl Spacer - Bead/Link
Garnet Feldspar Bead
Dream Azure Bead
Merriness Clasp
Transparency & Reflections Kit
Shooting Stars - Bead/Link
Stay Positive Gold - Bead/Link
Flow of Energy Bead


$75 $45
Lucky Knot Gold - Bead/Link
Wings of Passion Bead
Source of Life

Source of Life

$89 $44.50
Wildflowers Bead
Wizard of Labradorite Bead
Meditation - Bead/Link
Butterfly clasp
Black Onyx Earrings - Earring
Crown Chakra - Bead/Link
Green Flower Mosaic - Bead/Link
Hope - Bead/Link


Layers of Intuition & Wisdom Bead


$105 $52.50
Blossom Shade - Bead/Link
Pink Desert - Bead/Link
Victory - Bead/Link


Palm Island - Bead/Link
Layers of Highs & Lows Bead
Violet Melody Bead

Violet Melody Bead

$89 $53.40
Petals Unfold Bead
Harmony in Flight
Winter Garden
Spirit of Freedom - Bead/Link
Layers of Strengths & Confidence Bead
Gold Stream Bead
Caramel Desire Bead
Troll Ring - Ring
The Daisy Ring - Ring
Soul of Sunshine - Bead/Link
Light Green Flower - Bead/Link
Water Lily Spacer - Bead/Link
Magic Bow - Bead/Link
Dreams of Love Necklace
Cherub of Reflection Bead
Love Rings - Bead/Link
Path of Life Gold - Bead/Link
Peacock Pearl Round Drops - Earring
Peace of Mind Bead

Peace of Mind Bead

$75 $52.50
Green in Bloom Bead
Apologetic Flower
Green Desire
Oasis - Bead/Link


Take a Chance - Pendant
Earring Hooks with Buds - Earring
Agate Dendritic - Bead/Link
Flower Bed Bead
Promised Land

Promised Land

$89 $53.40
Superhero - Bead/Link
Tiger Lily Bead
Positive Petunia

Positive Petunia

$75 $52.50
Pearls of Light
Black Flower Mosaic - Bead/Link
Lilac Melody Bead

Lilac Melody Bead

$89 $53.40
Dolphin Family Bead
Earring Set - Wisdom - BOM Earring