Compassion Rose
Flow of Love Bead - Bead/Link
14 k Gold Bracelet - Bracelet

14 k Gold Bracelet

From $2,269
Blanket of Love Gold - Bead/Link
The Diamond Bead Pink - Bead/Link
Merriness Spacer
Bird's Nest Bead
Beauty in Blue
Fantasy Hibiscus Gold - Bead/Link
Enchanting Dragonfly Bead
Lucky Knot Gold - Bead/Link


Violet Melody Bead
Petals Unfold Bead
Flower Bed Bead
Promised Land

Promised Land

$89 $66.75
Lilac Melody Bead
Our Melody Bead
Ice Castle Bead
Rays of Sunset Bead
Flowers from the Heart
Five Senses
Pink Melody Bead
Siren Song Bead
Blushing Bubble - Ring

Blushing Bubble

$145 $108.75
Pink Symphony Bead