Compassion Rose
Flow of Love Bead - Bead/Link
Limited Edition
14 k Gold Bracelet - Bracelet

14 k Gold Bracelet

From $2,269
Blanket of Love Gold - Bead/Link
Merriness Spacer
Bird's Nest Bead
The Diamond Bead Pink - Bead/Link
Beauty in Blue
Fantasy Hibiscus Gold - Bead/Link
Enchanting Dragonfly Bead
Lucky Knot Gold - Bead/Link
Violet Melody Bead


Petals Unfold Bead
Flower Bed Bead
Promised Land
Lilac Melody Bead
Our Melody Bead
Five Senses
Ice Castle Bead
Rays of Sunset Bead
Flowers from the Heart
Pink Melody Bead
Siren Song Bead
Blushing Bubble - Ring
Last Chance

Blushing Bubble

$145 $72.50
Pink Symphony Bead